Christian Books Reading List

There are many Christian books that have been authored ion the world today. Many things in the society have motivated the authoring of these Christian books today. These Christian books have different individual themes that target a certain group of people in the society. Some target the youth, others target the sinners, others target the evangelists and others target the elders among others. Some of these books have also been used as directions of praying, preaching, worshiping and tithing among others. The following is a list of the most common Christian books that are available in the Christian market today.

Jesus Calling: Blessings of Devotion

“Jesus Calling” is a very popular Christian book that was authored by a woman missionary, Sarah Young. Sarah is a woman who had a history of writing prayer journals until when she one day decide to author this Christian book. She said that what she was writing was a direct was listening to God with a pen and a book. This Christian book mainly teaches how to stay closer to Christ. The book has many readings that you can read during your day-to-day activities. Sarah Young has written many books in the” Jesus Calling” series of books.

Live Beyond: A True Story


“Live Beyond” is a very popular Christian book that was authored by David Vanderpool. This a very good book that mainly talks about the life of an American man who was living in Haiti with his family who went to Haiti after the Haitian earthquake that killed thousands of people and more than two million Haitians were left homeless and hungry. This is a very aspiring Christian book.

10 Things Great Dads Do.

“10 Things Great Dads Do” is a very popular Christian book that was authored by Rick Johnson. Rick Johnson is a Christian expert who deals with marital challenges. He is more so a fathering expert who decided to share his teachings with other dads in the society. This book mainly shows the men in the society the different ways of becoming a great dad to their sons and daughters in a Christian perspective. “10 things Great Dads Do” is a book that provides all the tools and techniques that can help you become a great dad to your children.

The Most Significant People, Places, and Events in the Bible

“The Most Significant People, Places, and Events in the Bible” is a very famous book that was authored by Christopher D. Hudson. It is a Christian book that uses word and pictures to enable every Christian in the society today understand the Bible. This book has QuickView summaries, QuickGalnce Bible Characters, Quicklook Bible events, and QuickScan Bible Places. The book integrates maps, pictures, lists and other visual aids that will help you understand the bible more. This book will ensure that you get a good understanding of the Bible Books.

A Very Merry Christmas Prayer

“A Very Merry Christmas Prayer” is another Christian book that is very popular in the world today that was authored by Bonnie Rickner Jensen. This comic Christian book aims at helping young Christians in the Christmas celebrations. It is a 24-page book that helps the young Christian children to be more thankful to Jesus.

Fresh Start: The New You Begins Today

“Fresh Start” is another Christian book that was authored by Joel Osteen. This book mainly talks about how God loves to give His people fresh starts. This book also tells the audience what it takes to rise from one Godly honor to another new level of honor and influence. The book was able to achieve its goal by showing the readers some of the Promises that are found in the Bible and how to study the Bible effectively.