Christian Books Reading List Part 3

Christian Books and Christian Authors written by: ituru1 Are you fond of reading books? How about Christian book? If you do not have any experience reading Christian books why don’t you try to read one? There are lots of good Christian authors today who write very inspirational books not only for Christians to read, but also for people around the world.

Christian books help you to know more about God’s work and understand the word of God. You cannot find any substitute for the word of God, but you can find lots of Christian books that explain the theme and other topics about the Bible. These books will help you achieve deeper understanding about the word of God. People who are seeking for the word of God can count on to these Christian books to be blessed of the Lord.

If you think these kinds of book are boring, you are wrong. These books are exciting to read because you can surely benefit a lot. A Christian book tells about the reality of life. Majority of Christian authors talk about their lives and how God touches them in a very simple way. If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement, Christian books can be very helpful There are two ways on how you can obtain good Christian books, this is by purchasing online, and the next by is by purchasing in specialized Christian bookstore. Select which way will be much comfortable for you. Among the best Christian authors whose books are powerful are Eric and Leslie Ludy. They are known as best speakers and authors in the biblical societies. Books of Eric and Leslie Ludy have sold millions of copies worldwide and their books are also translated in different languages to reach people around the globe. They have written the following best-selling Christian books:

*When God Writes Your Love Story– this is all about men and women relationships. This book is full of interesting facts about relationship and how God should be the center of every relationship. It also talks about struggles and hardship men and women do encounter. This was published during the year 1998.


*When Dreams come true- this is a love story. It is about dreaming and finding true love with the hands of God.

*God’s Gift to Women- this book is specially made for women. You will find out how to be a virtuous woman in God.

*When God Writes Your Life Story- you will discover the ultimate adventure of life with the help of God. This book talks about how God writes the life story of each individual.

*Teaching True Love- this is for parents to teach their children about true love. This is a great guide for all parents when it comes to raising kids.

*A Perfect Wedding- if you are on your way to your wedding day, it is better for you to read this book. This book will surely eliminate your wedding jitters.

*The First 90 Days of Marriage- this book talks about how couples build a strong foundation for their marriage to last a lifetime.

*Meet Mr. Smith- this books deals on how to think about love, sex, purity and romance in a revolutionize way.

*Wrestling Prayer- This deals on how people can passionately communicate with God.

All of these Christian books will surely make your life perfect especially together with God. You will experience peace and harmony together with your loved ones. Find how beautiful life is together with God by reading some of these Christian books.