Christian Books Reading List Part 2

Many Christian have decided to author Christian books that are aimed at providing Biblical knowledge to the society. Authors who have different story lines have written these Christian books. Every author has an individual theme that is aimed at educating a certain group of people in the society. Some books are aimed at helping us live a holy life, others are aimed at helping us in our prayer life, and others are aimed at enabling us live a successful life. The following is a list of some of the most popular Christians books that are available today.

The Forgiveness Factor: How to Forgive What You Can’t Forget


“The Forgiveness Factor” is a very popular book that was authored by Cherie Hill. It is a Christian book that is primarily aimed at explaining to Christians more about forgiveness. This book can help people in the society to gain the freedom of forgiveness. The book takes you through the Bible, systematically explaining more about Biblical forgiveness. The book gives the reader a fresh comfort and understanding of the Word of God. The primary goal of this book is to show us that we should move on strong after God has forgiven us our sins.

PrayerPoints: Praying God’s Promises at Your Point of Need

“Prayerpoints” is a very powerful prayer book that was authored by Petersen. This is a Christian book that is aimed at enabling you to pray for all your daily needs. This book has integrated many Biblical researches. This book gives you a heart of bible scriptures that will give you a glimpse of what God want you to have by communicating with Him. It is a very new book that was released on 1st November 2015. You should not hesitate when buying this Christian book from your nearest Christian bookstore.

The Mind Connection: How the Thoughts You Choose Affect Your Mood, Behavior, and Decisions – Study Guide

“The Mind Connection “is a very popular book that was authored by Joyce Meyer. This book helps its readers understand the important connections that are between the mind, moods, spirit, mouth, and personal attitudes. When you know these connections, you will be able to overcome all the life challenges that you face in your day-to-day life. You will be able to gain a greater confidence when doing things and live a joyful life when achieving your personal destiny.

The Generosity Bet: Secrets of Risk, Reward, and Real Joy

“The Generosity Bet” is a very good book that mainly focuses on tithes and giving’s. William F. High authored this book. This book has numerous teachings that will make every Christian live a life of joy and success. The book tries to show you that you are a Heavens steward and you should always thank God using your finances through tithing and giving’s.

Globalfire: The 5 Strategic Forces That Are Reshaping Our World Today

Globalfire is a political Christian book that was authored by Soeren Kern. It is book that shows us the warning signs that can cause a new global cataclysm. The book warns us as the Christians to be always ready when this happens.

When Jesus Speaks to a Hurting Heart: Hope and Healing for a Woman’s Soul

“When Jesus Speaks to a Hurting Heart “is a very good book that will be released on 1st December 2015. It is a book that is aimed at helping the reader become more encouraged and inspired. This book has a lot advice that will show you that Jesus has a very Special message for you when you are troubled.