Book Publishing

One of the brilliant things about technology is that it empowers people to do amazing things. In the last few years devices know as e-readers have emerged. If you aren’t familiar with ereaders then we encourage you to read on. An ereader is basically an electronic device that allows you to carry hundreds, even thousands of books in your pocket.

Unlike traditional computer screens e-readers use a piece of technology call eink. What eink does is allow you to read for hours on end without straining your eyes. Amazon where one of the first companies to launch an e-reader which they called a Kindle.

Now there a quite a few of these devices on the market from various companies, these include the NOOK and the Kobo to name a few. What these amazing devices do is remove the need for thousands of books to be printed by a book publisher. This is a good thing because it means that more authors than ever can publish their work, without expensive setup costs. These expensive setup costs make it very difficult for first time authors to get their work published. This usually requires investment from the book publisher and they need convincing that the book you have worked so hard on will make them money.

My personal recommendation would be to publish a book on Amazon. Amazon are one of the oldest ecommerce sites around. They get millions of visitors per day to their website. This gives authors the potential to get their work noticed very easily. We will go through in more detail at a later date how you can do this but for now we would like to keep things simple.

Where to start?

Firstly it’s probably a good idea to understand what the different ereaders do, therefore we would recommend that you check out this Kindle Comparison. It details what all the different models of Amazon Kindle are available. There is also a great Wikipedia article which details lots of useful information about Amazon’s reader.