About Us


I am passionate about Christian books and literature and the difference they can make in your life. I am also passionate about the internet because it has made it easier than ever for believers around the world to resource their lives. I am also passionate about The Gospel because it really does change lives more than anything else I have ever seen. To see someone have hope, purpose and meaning that only Jesus can bring is truly astonishing.

That said in Colossians 3:9-10 Paul talks about the struggle between the old self and the new self. Life doesn’t just become easier overnight as a follower of Jesus. There are times when we find ourselves saying and doing things that we wished we hadn’t said or done, months and years after becoming a Christian.


I am not sure that this side of heaven we are likely to truly conqueror the old self, there will always be those moments of regret and even despair as we continue to let ourselves and those closest to us down. As we do grow in our faith and understanding of Jesus Christ and who he is, hopefully those moments are less of a regular occurrence. We can’t achieve human perfection by effort alone but we can try our best to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly before our God”.

The sign of Christian maturity is not that we used to be really really bad and now we are not so bad. The sign of Christian maturity is that we used to be really really bad and now understand just how bad!

Let me explain what I mean, when we become a follower of Jesus I am not sure we all, although some do, grasp just how much in need of a saviour we really are. As we mature that realisation of just how much we need Jesus really hits us. The journey of Christian maturity is not that we are getting better but that we are understanding just how sinful we are and how much each day we need God’s amazing grace.

As we grow in faith it certainly isn’t the case that everyday we need God less and less, as our faith grows we understand that we need God’s help more and more.

Immersing ourselves in Christian resources helps us come to terms with this contradiction. The more I know and understand, the less I know and understand. We learn that God is not just slightly more impressive than we are, but infinitely more than we ever can be, in every good and perfect way. As we walk this faith journey the only response to the vastness and greatness of God is humility.

Humility is an amazing universal quality that draws people in. As people are drawn we are presented with an opportunity to share our lives and the life changing message of Jesus. That is why I believe that Christian resources not only change us but change the lives of people around us.