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There are many ways you can wind down after a long hard week. Here are a few suggestions that will help you sit back and have a ton of fun very easily, without spending loads of money. Everyone is different, so there may not be anything on this list that will hep you.

A few individuals take up swimming as an alternative to kill time while others play some musical instrument.

There are so many different hobbies and pastimes that you can undertake. Your pastime ought to be an easy to get into otherwise you aren’t likely to stick at them. One of the biggest pastimes that people undertake is reading books. Reading is probably one of the most popular past times and it is easily accessible and loved by millions throughout the word. Reading can build up a feeling of warmth and engagement in what is being read, a good book can almost feel like a best friend. There is a whole range of emotions that you go through whilst reading a book. Sadness, joy, excitement, anticipation, euphoria, it’s all there in abundance.

In addition to the fact that it is so engaging, you can learn such a great amount of knowledge from non fiction books, I have heard of people advancing their career with no formal qualifications, just the knowledge they gained from boos.

Of course it’s not just books that provide such enjoyment magazines, books, blogs and short stories are just some of the many different ways you can learn. In most recent times we have seen the emergence of digital ebooks. The biggest issue with digital ebooks before ereaders came along was the brightness of the screen. These ereaders have special screens that generate their text using something called eink. Combine that with a backlight and the enjoyment of reading books is all the more pleasurable at night time. If you are interested in finding out more about ereaders, take a look at this Amazon Kindle ereader comparison. Here you will find all you need to know about digital ereaders.

These little handheld small-scale PCs, have transformed the way we read books. Over the last few years, in the same way mobile phones have evolved so much, so have ereaders, getting better year on year. Ereaders are getting smaller so as well as being amazingly convenient and ultra portable They have great batteries and a screen size that means they are smaller than physical books.

The screens on these gadgets are what set them apart. Although I do love physical books, the sheer convenience of an ereader means other than my mobile phone, the ereader is up their as one of my favourite gadgets. It is also super easy to buy books through the Amazon Kindle books store. There are thousands if not millions of books, magazines to downloads instantly.

where does all the money go

Go Henry Review

We were contacted by a family that is currently making use of a money management systems called Go Henry. They have produced their own blog where they document their experiences –  check out Go Henry Reviews to see for yourself.

The Bible teaches lots about money and how we need to be good stewards of our finances. It also warns about the consequences of placing too much importance on the value of money. When Jesus addressed the crowds in Luke 12:15 ESV – And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” 2000 years on and the words Jesus spoke to the crowd are just as relevant as back then.

Jesus is telling the crowd to treat your money and possessions differently than most. In Western cultures, most people spend their life trying to acquire as much wealth and possessions as possible. Whole television shows, not just shows but whole television channels, books, magazines, websites, blogs, and radio shows. They all dedicate valuable time celebrating the lifestyle and the possessions of the rich and famous.

I am not sure Jesus was questioning owning possessions or having wealth, he was questioning if that is someone’s sole purpose and motivation in life. Even if you do not believe in what the Bible teaches, then surely you must agree, that wealth, if handled badly, can lead someone on a very destructive path. The other problem, as I see it anyway, is that we have constant access to what the rich are and famous are up to. When judging how wealthy we are we always look up the food chain. We judge what we have by what others higher up the chain have. On a global scale, if you live in a house with a flushing toilet, you are in the top 10% of the richest people in the world. I do not feel wealthy, but compared to some I am the equivalent of a billionaire.

We don’t choose the culture we are born into, we are however a product of our culture and have to live in that culture. In Bible times, monetary transactions were relatively simple. They didn’t have online banks, smartphones, the internet, credit and debit cards, cash machines, eBay, Amazon and online shopping. We do have these things and therefore we have to manage the resources we have in the context of where in the world we live. We can’t bury our head in the sands and ignore modern technology, we have to learn to be good stewards and use these resources properly. After all if used well technology can make a real difference in the world.

As well as having healthy attitudes towards money the Bible teaches us to be good stewards. I particularly like this verse:

Luke 14:28-30 ESV – “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it? Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish.”

Jesus asks the question in Luke 14 – “Who would start something without first sitting down and counting the cost?”. How many people go from month to month without planning what they spend? No budget and no idea what they have spent or what is left to spend in the bank. We live in a world whereby it’s easy to let spending get out of control. I write this as someone who has learned this lesson the hard way. This is why I am passionate about resources that help people to get control of their lives. Debt can be one of the most debilitating things because it robs you of joy and peace. It brings an added pressure to everyday life that prevents a person from being a blessing.

We cannot abstain from the modern systems that are part of everyday living. Not if we want to have influence anyway or be a difference making person in the culture we find ourselves living in. I encourage you to find systems that help you to be a better steward of your resources and to teach your children to live differently. My job as a parent is to teach my children to handle money better than I ever did. Check out the Go Henry Review blog and see if this families story helps you.

History Of Christian Publishing

According to global information firm Nielsen, religious book sales amounted to 52.4 million units in 2014, representing a 10.5% increase over the previous year’s figures. Conversely, books in the overall book market only grew by 2.4% meaning that the Christian book sales outperformed the rest of the market by a ratio of 4:1. Christian nonfiction sales have been increasing exponentially since 2009, recording a growth of 11.9% as at 2014 while young adult fiction continues to rise in popularity. This portends good news for authors, publishers and retailers of Christian books. In spite of challenges being experienced by the market segment in 2015, including increased Christian family bankruptcies and changing purchasing habits, Christian books continue to sell and the first half of the year showed a growth of 6.4% in adult fiction.

A Brief History of Christian Publishing

d_l_moodyDwight L. Moody was amongst the earliest contributors to Christian publishing. With the help of his brother in law, Fleming Revell, he helped to provide the prototype behind which many Christian publishing houses today are modeled. He also came up with the affordable, paperback books sold presently after noticing that most Christian bookshops at the time stocked and sold texts that were prohibitively expensive. The formation of Moody publishers soon after paved way for many other Christian publishers such as Tyndale, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson and others committed to providing books in Christian living, personal development, marriage and family as well as fiction to a growing number of readers. They have also provided platforms for such authors as CS Lewis, Oswald Chambers, Francine Rivers, Jan Karon and many others to share their writing with the world.

Who Buys Christian Books?

Christian publishing today features a wide range of genres that run the gamut from Amish romances to time traveling adventures. Publishers increasingly have to find titles that appeal to a more sophisticated audience as well as compete with other forms of sedentary leisure activities such as the internet and television. Further, the advent of online stores has meant that more and more people are purchasing eBooks. This has led to the closure of physical bookstores and the opening up of online ones. While 69% of people still preferred to buy print books, an increasing number is choosing to read them on Kindle, Tablets, laptops and other media. At 72%, women make up the largest percentage of Christian fiction book buyers, while 56% of buyers live in households with an annual income of $50,000 and below. More than 51% of fiction buyers are aged 45 years or older. More women than men also purchase nonfiction titles. 59% of nonfiction book buyers are women, 51% live in households with an annual income of less than $50,000 while 51% are aged below 45 years. Bibles still make up a large part of book purchases, along with books on Christian living, devotionals, self development texts, Christian historical romance and books for young adults.

Christian books will continue to grow in popularity as more and more people seek to buy content that is entertaining, spiritually uplifting and provides daily wisdom for living. As publishing companies face off in competition to provide readers with relevant content, readers are likely to gain access to even better and more exciting material.

New York Times Bestselling Christian Authors

It is said that knowledge is power. The inspiration found in books is truly immeasurable. Out of sheer selflessness and a determination to change the lives of people, Christian authors have dedicated their time and resources to share spiritual wisdom to millions of people around the world. Did you know that there are popular Christian authors out there who are continually touching the lives of many people through their books? The following are some of the popular Christian authors making a difference in the world today:

Joel Osteen


Joel Osteen was born in March 5, 1963 in Houston, Texas. He is an author, televangelist and the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. He is married to Victoria Osteen, and together they have two children, Jonathan and Alexandra. The church is highly regarded as the largest protestant church in the U.S. After his father’s death in 1999, Osteen took over from him and became the Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church. Today, the graduate of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a globally respected preacher, author and televangelist. Joel Osteen has authored more than 100 Christian books, and is a New York Times bestselling author. His books continue to impact millions around the world. Some of the popular books he has authored include:

-Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at your Full Potential-2004

-Become a better You: 7 Keys to improving your Life Every Day-2007

-Your Best Life Begins Each Morning: Devotions to Start Every day of the Year-2008

-Every Day a Friday: How to Be Happier 7 Days a Week (2012)

– I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life-2013

-You Can, You Will: 8 Undeniable Qualities of a Winner-2014

– The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today-2015

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer was born in 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri. She is married to Dave Meyer and together they have four children. Meyer is a Bible teacher, speaker and author. She is the founder of the Joyce Meyer Ministries. Since its inception, the ministry has grown tremendously and, today, it reaches out to millions of people around the world. Joyce Meyer is a New York Times bestselling Christian author with more than 90 books, which have greatly encouraged many Christians to uphold a strong Christian living. Popular Christian books by Joyce Meyer include:

-Beauty for Ashes: Receiving Emotional Healing-1994

-Battlefield of the Mind-1995

-How to Hear from God: Learn to Know His Voice and Make Right Decisions-2003

-The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word-2004

-100 Ways to Simplify your Life-2007

-God is not Mad at You-2013

Let God Fight Your Battles: Being Peaceful in the Storm-2015

Thomas Dexter Jakes

Thomas Dexter “TD” Jakes was born in 1957 in West Virginia. He is married to Serita Ann James. Jakes is an American preacher, author and filmmaker. He is currently the Bishop of the Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas. He started as a part-time preacher in his early years in ministry, but has grown to become a globally renowned preacher, author and televangelist. His broadcasts are viewed not only in America, but also in multiple countries around the world. Jakes has authored numerous Christian books, and is also a New York bestselling Christian author. His books have transformed many people around the world. Some of his popular books include:

-Healing the Wounds of Your Past-1996


-Woman, Thou Art Loosed-2004

-Re-position Yourself: Living Life Without Limits-2007

-Healing, Blessings and Freedom: 365-Day Devotional and Journal-2009

-Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive-2014

-Destiny: Step into Your Purpose-2015

Popular Christian books by Christian authors are full of great inspiration to motivate Christians around the world to continue living with hope and optimism. It is possible to get a copy of these books online or from your nearest book store. Get a copy now, and be inspired.

Christian Books Reading List Part 3

Christian Books and Christian Authors written by: ituru1 Are you fond of reading books? How about Christian book? If you do not have any experience reading Christian books why don’t you try to read one? There are lots of good Christian authors today who write very inspirational books not only for Christians to read, but also for people around the world.

Christian books help you to know more about God’s work and understand the word of God. You cannot find any substitute for the word of God, but you can find lots of Christian books that explain the theme and other topics about the Bible. These books will help you achieve deeper understanding about the word of God. People who are seeking for the word of God can count on to these Christian books to be blessed of the Lord.

If you think these kinds of book are boring, you are wrong. These books are exciting to read because you can surely benefit a lot. A Christian book tells about the reality of life. Majority of Christian authors talk about their lives and how God touches them in a very simple way. If you are looking for inspiration and encouragement, Christian books can be very helpful There are two ways on how you can obtain good Christian books, this is by purchasing online, and the next by is by purchasing in specialized Christian bookstore. Select which way will be much comfortable for you. Among the best Christian authors whose books are powerful are Eric and Leslie Ludy. They are known as best speakers and authors in the biblical societies. Books of Eric and Leslie Ludy have sold millions of copies worldwide and their books are also translated in different languages to reach people around the globe. They have written the following best-selling Christian books:

*When God Writes Your Love Story– this is all about men and women relationships. This book is full of interesting facts about relationship and how God should be the center of every relationship. It also talks about struggles and hardship men and women do encounter. This was published during the year 1998.


*When Dreams come true- this is a love story. It is about dreaming and finding true love with the hands of God.

*God’s Gift to Women- this book is specially made for women. You will find out how to be a virtuous woman in God.

*When God Writes Your Life Story- you will discover the ultimate adventure of life with the help of God. This book talks about how God writes the life story of each individual.

*Teaching True Love- this is for parents to teach their children about true love. This is a great guide for all parents when it comes to raising kids.

*A Perfect Wedding- if you are on your way to your wedding day, it is better for you to read this book. This book will surely eliminate your wedding jitters.

*The First 90 Days of Marriage- this book talks about how couples build a strong foundation for their marriage to last a lifetime.

*Meet Mr. Smith- this books deals on how to think about love, sex, purity and romance in a revolutionize way.

*Wrestling Prayer- This deals on how people can passionately communicate with God.

All of these Christian books will surely make your life perfect especially together with God. You will experience peace and harmony together with your loved ones. Find how beautiful life is together with God by reading some of these Christian books.

Christian Books Reading List Part 2

Many Christian have decided to author Christian books that are aimed at providing Biblical knowledge to the society. Authors who have different story lines have written these Christian books. Every author has an individual theme that is aimed at educating a certain group of people in the society. Some books are aimed at helping us live a holy life, others are aimed at helping us in our prayer life, and others are aimed at enabling us live a successful life. The following is a list of some of the most popular Christians books that are available today.

The Forgiveness Factor: How to Forgive What You Can’t Forget


“The Forgiveness Factor” is a very popular book that was authored by Cherie Hill. It is a Christian book that is primarily aimed at explaining to Christians more about forgiveness. This book can help people in the society to gain the freedom of forgiveness. The book takes you through the Bible, systematically explaining more about Biblical forgiveness. The book gives the reader a fresh comfort and understanding of the Word of God. The primary goal of this book is to show us that we should move on strong after God has forgiven us our sins.

PrayerPoints: Praying God’s Promises at Your Point of Need

“Prayerpoints” is a very powerful prayer book that was authored by Petersen. This is a Christian book that is aimed at enabling you to pray for all your daily needs. This book has integrated many Biblical researches. This book gives you a heart of bible scriptures that will give you a glimpse of what God want you to have by communicating with Him. It is a very new book that was released on 1st November 2015. You should not hesitate when buying this Christian book from your nearest Christian bookstore.

The Mind Connection: How the Thoughts You Choose Affect Your Mood, Behavior, and Decisions – Study Guide

“The Mind Connection “is a very popular book that was authored by Joyce Meyer. This book helps its readers understand the important connections that are between the mind, moods, spirit, mouth, and personal attitudes. When you know these connections, you will be able to overcome all the life challenges that you face in your day-to-day life. You will be able to gain a greater confidence when doing things and live a joyful life when achieving your personal destiny.

The Generosity Bet: Secrets of Risk, Reward, and Real Joy

“The Generosity Bet” is a very good book that mainly focuses on tithes and giving’s. William F. High authored this book. This book has numerous teachings that will make every Christian live a life of joy and success. The book tries to show you that you are a Heavens steward and you should always thank God using your finances through tithing and giving’s.

Globalfire: The 5 Strategic Forces That Are Reshaping Our World Today

Globalfire is a political Christian book that was authored by Soeren Kern. It is book that shows us the warning signs that can cause a new global cataclysm. The book warns us as the Christians to be always ready when this happens.

When Jesus Speaks to a Hurting Heart: Hope and Healing for a Woman’s Soul

“When Jesus Speaks to a Hurting Heart “is a very good book that will be released on 1st December 2015. It is a book that is aimed at helping the reader become more encouraged and inspired. This book has a lot advice that will show you that Jesus has a very Special message for you when you are troubled.

Christian Books Reading List

There are many Christian books that have been authored ion the world today. Many things in the society have motivated the authoring of these Christian books today. These Christian books have different individual themes that target a certain group of people in the society. Some target the youth, others target the sinners, others target the evangelists and others target the elders among others. Some of these books have also been used as directions of praying, preaching, worshiping and tithing among others. The following is a list of the most common Christian books that are available in the Christian market today.

Jesus Calling: Blessings of Devotion

“Jesus Calling” is a very popular Christian book that was authored by a woman missionary, Sarah Young. Sarah is a woman who had a history of writing prayer journals until when she one day decide to author this Christian book. She said that what she was writing was a direct was listening to God with a pen and a book. This Christian book mainly teaches how to stay closer to Christ. The book has many readings that you can read during your day-to-day activities. Sarah Young has written many books in the” Jesus Calling” series of books.

Live Beyond: A True Story


“Live Beyond” is a very popular Christian book that was authored by David Vanderpool. This a very good book that mainly talks about the life of an American man who was living in Haiti with his family who went to Haiti after the Haitian earthquake that killed thousands of people and more than two million Haitians were left homeless and hungry. This is a very aspiring Christian book.

10 Things Great Dads Do.

“10 Things Great Dads Do” is a very popular Christian book that was authored by Rick Johnson. Rick Johnson is a Christian expert who deals with marital challenges. He is more so a fathering expert who decided to share his teachings with other dads in the society. This book mainly shows the men in the society the different ways of becoming a great dad to their sons and daughters in a Christian perspective. “10 things Great Dads Do” is a book that provides all the tools and techniques that can help you become a great dad to your children.

The Most Significant People, Places, and Events in the Bible

“The Most Significant People, Places, and Events in the Bible” is a very famous book that was authored by Christopher D. Hudson. It is a Christian book that uses word and pictures to enable every Christian in the society today understand the Bible. This book has QuickView summaries, QuickGalnce Bible Characters, Quicklook Bible events, and QuickScan Bible Places. The book integrates maps, pictures, lists and other visual aids that will help you understand the bible more. This book will ensure that you get a good understanding of the Bible Books.

A Very Merry Christmas Prayer

“A Very Merry Christmas Prayer” is another Christian book that is very popular in the world today that was authored by Bonnie Rickner Jensen. This comic Christian book aims at helping young Christians in the Christmas celebrations. It is a 24-page book that helps the young Christian children to be more thankful to Jesus.

Fresh Start: The New You Begins Today

“Fresh Start” is another Christian book that was authored by Joel Osteen. This book mainly talks about how God loves to give His people fresh starts. This book also tells the audience what it takes to rise from one Godly honor to another new level of honor and influence. The book was able to achieve its goal by showing the readers some of the Promises that are found in the Bible and how to study the Bible effectively.

Reviewing Christian Literature

Welcome to my blog. We are so glad you have found us. Our aim is to make this site a fantastic resource for yourself or your church. On a regular basis we will be reviewing Christian books, magazines, videos, podcasts, blogs and inviting your input.

We live in incredible times, at more than any other point in human history there are more opportunities to resource your life. The internet is an amazing invention and packed with some unbelievable resources.